Your 2016 challenge of challenges

Alright… it’s a list. But it’s a great list!

Drinking Tips for Teens

1. Poke a Hungarian.
2. Learn a new language and then speak it only with people who don’t understand it.
3. Find a receipt, take it to the store, say you lost the item but ask for your money back anyway.
4. Catch snow on your tongue. All the snow.
5. Go to a fish market and use the octopi as hand puppets.
6. Every time you get up to go to the bathroom, announce “Spoiler alert!”
7. Attend a sporting event and “shush” your fellow spectators.
8. When dining out, let the waiter know you’re on a low-crab diet.
9. Purloin a letter.
10. Sirloin a steak.
11. Put a little wiggle in it.
12. Renovate the kitchen, but not your own kitchen.
13. Wear a hat at a jaunty angle and see who your real friends are.
14. Refuse to use the word “trenchant.”
15. Volunteer at a…

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