That Be Dragons… by R. Todd Henricks

So… I did another guest post.

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The giant leather winged lizards of yore, who swoop down upon unsuspecting villagers to burn, pillage, and destroy. The grand, smoke-breathing creatures of myth and nightmare. The captor of beautiful princesses fair-haired maidens. The most epic of hoarders, amassing great wealth and succinctly becoming the object of many a noble quest.

These fantastical creatures that leapt (or rather…flew) out of our imaginations from the pages of books like The Hobbit, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and The Dragonriders of Pern series, and into our earliest incarnations of role-playing games, even garnering a title spot in the name of the most pivotal RPG of all time.

And once dragons crossed over into our games, we were able to relive those storybook moments as noble knights, clad in shining armor and riding high on a steed off to rescue the fair maiden.  Or, we would have, if it weren’t…

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