That English Language…

If you have ever wondered why I love writing so much (which I am sure many of my adoring fans have curiously pondered (like, all three of you)), it is because of the ability to really mess with language in a manner that leaves people scratching their proverbial heads.

My biggest fan…ย Source

What do I mean? Well, honestly, when was the last time you used the word ‘proverbial‘ in an actual spoken sentence? Hrm?

Exactly. But you didn’t even bat an eyelash (that still seems like it would hurt.. bat.. eyelash… yeah, no thanks) when you read it in the sentence above. Did you? Yes, I wrote it up there, go ahead, look, we will wait.

Ok, back? Told you so.

But, today, I came across a sentence that was just so impressive, I had to share it.

Angela piped up, after Ahmed mentioned that that, that that that that that professor removed was necessary.

What’s so awesome about that? Well, on the surface, you are sitting there all Dr. Cox and what not saying…


But, you would be wrong (and since I totally channel Dr. Cox, it’s now my turn to sing that song). It is grammatically correct. I know, I know, some of you are still trying to figure it out, have excepted it as right, or just don’t care that much, and thus you are reading these words. Trust me, it is, I checked. And would I lie? (the answer is no, no I wouldn’t.)

Again, this is is not something you would ever hear spoken… because, well… it would just make the speaker look like they have a severe stuttering issue and that just won’t do. However, stick it into a written sentence and…


Ok, fine. People will still think you have an issue, but at least they can go back and re-read it and finally make sense of the sentence and you (or rather me) can sit back, fold your arms and look all smug…


because it is such a masterful word creation.

And thus my love of the written word (rather, my love of writing the written wordย (as opposed to speaking or reading it)).

If you are interested in the original article the above quote came from, you can find it HERE.



14 thoughts on “That English Language…

  1. I wanted to read this but actually got into a kind of loop in the third paragraph where you kept telling me to refer to the sentence above.
    Just kidding because that that that that that that that, yeah, I’m just hoping you find some kind of grammatical correctness.

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    1. Haha.. It took me about five minutes of going through that sentence to finally grasp the gist of what was being said. Just don’t ask me to explain it, because I have already forgotten. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Yup. English is fun! My daughter gave me a book of Dickens’ short stories for Christmas, and I’m falling in love with him all over again because of the novel, unique-to-him way he uses language. Genius. And very funny.

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        1. I tried reading that once… Once (sorry, totally channeling my inner Danny Vermin). But, that’s the version I started with, not being able to understand it, quickly kicked to the NIV and eventually landed in the ESV.

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          1. I have both those versions, but the beauty of the Elizabethan language in the old KJV still has my heart. For example: Psalm 23:1. “The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.” Compared to newer version: “The Lord is my Shepherd; I have everything I need.”

            See what I mean?

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