It Starts… 

The Spring 2016 semester has begun. Which means it is back to the school books for me.

But this time, it’s a tad but more exciting (at least for me). I am finally working strictly in my field of study, creative writing. Yah! Yahhh! Ya! (I don’t know which one it is, not sure that I care.. so… here, an image to help understand the tone I am going for)

As of today, I am in week 4 (I started writing this in week 1… I’m lazy, what can I say?) and so far I’m enjoying the classes. One big change from last semester is the fact that I am only taking 2 classes. Not that the 6 I took last semester were all that draining (who am I lying too, I’m pretty sure I left a large portion of my life in Fall semester 2015).

Now for the fun facts…

I am reading about 100 pages a week.

For 2 classes!

Seriously, come on… that’s like a bunch of reading and I would totally figure out how much time that is, but… ehem, English major so I wouldn’t have to do math.

True story.

But there it is. Four weeks in and I’m still alive. Or what passes as living when your head is constantly in a book (for learning purposes).

For now, I got to go write an essay and then some poetry, but I’ll make sure I share any of the poetry I write on here (or rather over at A Flash fo Fiction… because that’s where I put all of that stuff).

Yeah, college life is so much fun…


14 thoughts on “It Starts… 

  1. Go as hard as you can for that degree!!! I graduated Magna Cum Laude from my degree in Communication Studies and it has provided me with a world of opportunities. One day you will be able to read for pleasure and reading 100 pages a day won’t be a problem. Trust me! It will happen. Stay the course.


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