March Haiku A Day…


I’ve noticed I have gotten myself into a rut of not posting. It’s amazing how easy it is to just let one day slip into another and not post a single thing.

I figured maybe what I needed was a challenge. There not being one that I can really dig into because of college being what it is (this week I have to read a grand total of about 150 pages (before Friday!!!)) I needed something that will get me back into the habit of posting.

And as I love haiku…

And it is March 1st…

I thought…

Self (that’s what I call myself when I talk to myself), why not challenge yourself to write a haiku a day for the entire month of March!

And Self said (see, I capitalize because it’s myself’s name):

“That is a wonderful idea! You should do that!”


Bob Dole says ” I’m Bob Dole”

Sure, I know what you are thinking, I could just go the whole Bob Dole or Plato route and just refer to myself in the third person, but the trope feels overdone… plus I don’t think Self would appreciate being renamed this late in life.


Ok, so that wasn’t what you were thinking. So that’s what I am going to do. One haiku a day for 31 days. Maybe I can break this cycle of not posting. Probably not, because there will still be about 6 years of college left on April 1st…

But, hey! Goals! Am I right?

If you would like to participate, or you want to try to either stump me or shoot me some inspiration, head on over to A Flash of Fiction and check out the #marchhaikuaday  and comment, tag or send me an email (or something that will ensure I get your message).

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