The (Almost) End of Spring 2016…

I just submitted my final essay for the Spring semester. The only thing I have left is a final exam in one class and finishing my portfolio for another. Yeah, a portfolio which consists of a short story and a poem. Which I’ve already written and submitted and now just need to edit and clean up.

So, the question I have is… why am I freaking out so much?

It’s my down time before classes start up and all I can think about is what book do I want to read or what Coursera or Udemy class do I want to knock out real quick.

I seriously think something might be wrong with me. I joke about my mental masochism (you know, because I’m so old and going back to school and all that jazz), but I’m starting to think I really might have an issue.

Oh, and I joined another writing group. Because one wasn’t enough.

Yeah, something is definitely not write in my head…. (yeah, I spelled it that way on purpose).


So, there’s your update, you know, since it’s been a while since I wrote about my #collegelife.



12 thoughts on “The (Almost) End of Spring 2016…

  1. It’s okay… calm down. You’re just worried about what you’re gonna do with all that free time in between semesters. Plus, you have to WAIT for your grades, which is stressful. And then you fear you might get used to all that time off and then have to get used to going BACK to school. All part and parcel of doing the college thing.

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    1. The waiting on my grades is stressful. I have an 87 in one class and at the moment, it will be the first non-A I have received since going back to college. That’s quite frustrating being that close… must… try.. harder… just 3 more points! (yeah, I have a problem…)

      And I agree, all that time off, what do I do with myself?


  2. I went back to school for a master’s degree at age 50. People thought I was nuts. Now, I almost 69. Best decision I’ve made, except for marrying the guy I loved. Wouldn’t change a thing. You just keep on going. You’ll be glad you did 🙂

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