Spring 2016…

The spring semester ended at the end of April, and my grades have officially posted (last week… yeah, I’m running late on a lot of things but more on that… later.. ha. yeah). I ended up with straight A’s!


Ok, so it was only two classes, but here is where I get to share a bit of a learning lesson. One of those classes should have been a B. My final grade was an 89 point something or other, and sure, there are some of you that would say, “That’s an A if you round up.” But, teachers, especially university ones, aren’t required to round up.

Hey, this is English and not math, after all.

But, just prior to the final, my teacher sent out a message saying that… IF you submitted all of your work AND on time, she would round up that point to the next grade. At that time, my grade was an 86 (I really screwed up one of my essays (yep, even I make mistakes)) and I did some fast calculations and realized that if I got a 32 out of 35 on my final, I would hit above the 89 mark.

So, I sit down to take my final… hands sweaty, mouth dry, eyeballs blinking, and my fingers twitching over the handle of my Colt Peacemaker as I eyed down the scoundrel across the dirt road that ran through the middle of town, waiting for the clock tower to strike its twelfth bell…

Wait. That’s not right…

Well, anyway, I took the first of two attempts at my test (yep, two attempts, seriously how awesome is that?) and got a 28 (seriously, how not awesome is that?).

Great, now I have to take it again. I just wanted to be done with that class, and for as good of a test taker as I might be, I get very anxious about getting good grades (if only I would have had this issue in high school…). So, deep breath taken, I plunged back into the icy cold of my final final (yes, that’s correct, don’t look at it too weirdly).

After all the questions were answered, my mouse hovered over the SUBMIT button (fine, it was the mouse pointer, because putting the mouse on the screen would have been weird, but I might have to use that in a story about a time traveller from the past..whoa, whoa…back to the story at hand)… ah, yes, the submit button. I relegated myself to the “whatever, I know I did my best” category and hit it.

32 out of 35.

I totally fist pumped as I sat in my chair in my office by myself. I might have actually whooped a little too. I got what I needed to get my A, but now, because it wasn’t officially an A as it only put my grade at an 89 point something or other, I had to wait.

As my friend over at DotedOn said recently,

I never choose to wait. It just happens. I hate wasting time.

I can’t agree more. So, I waited. I waited for my official grade in that class, and I waited for my final portfolio grade in my creative writing class. And I waited. And then, like Christmas morning, finally Santa showed up. But this time, Santa brought me what I wanted and not weed whacker or a pack of paper (inside joke).

I got my A’s. Wait, I already said that earlier… well, that ruined the surprise.

But, in two days, summer semester starts and I’ll be back to reading efferently (that’s a word I learned in one of my classes this semester… see, I learned something).

So the morale of the story from this old guy to you…

Do what you got to do, so you can put yourself in the best possible position.


12 thoughts on “Spring 2016…

  1. (Your $0.20 has been deposited, please continue with the message)
    Hi, this is Dajena. Happy you got straight A’s!! Rounding seems to have worked. I’ll let everyone else know (especially my cat who keeps eating).
    Have a lovely day when in shines ☺️☺️

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