R. Todd Henrichs — Imagining More…

Hey, go check out my contribution to Epic Fantasy Writer’s monthly theme, “Epic Fights and Battles”, where a group of fantasy writers share their thoughts on different aspects of writing fantasy.

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Today, R.Todd Henrichs returns to talk about the two main types of fight scenes: Sword fights and epic battles. Want to know how to make your fight scenes exciting and fun to read? Read on to find out his 4 points for creating action scenes, whether small or epic. To read more by R.Todd, go HERE

I write how I see things. Or imagine. Because let’s face it, some of the things I imagine just don’t exist. Like dragons! And for the three of you who got that… you’re welcome.

When it comes to a lot of my writing, this actually works out really well. I map out the room, I see the setting, I watch the characters, and all I have to do is keep replaying in my mind what it is I see as I get it down on paper. Much like a painter doing a still life, I would assume…

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