I know I have been an absentee blogger as of recent. Summer semester has me a bit tied down (and not in the good way) with a lot of writing and reading, and the subject matter leaves me pretty drained (who knew Pop Culture and Literature would be so heavily Marxist...ugh... ) so I really don't feel like writing for myself let alone play video games (yeah, that part right there is the real test...)


June 10th, 2016.

Yesterday marked two anniversaries. One that I am shocked has come and gone and the other that I am just shocked.



2 years!

Two years ago, yesterday, I made my switch from Blogger to WordPress and started something that has become much more than just another part of my life. I am in a reflective state, and thus, I am reflecting. I have made a few friends that have journeyed with me along this road. Some I have lost touch with and wonder whatever happened to them. Some whom I have grown even closer (if that’s a thing in this cyber-world that we live in). Some who remain on the fringes and that’s ok too.


But, two years later, I’m still here and although my style and format have changed as I have evolved from a blogger to more of a creative writer as I pursue getting my work published and what not, I don’t see me leaving this community anytime soon (regardless of my unexplained and extended absences due to my other pursuit of my college degree).


Version 2
Circa 2007


Yesterday was also my mom’s birthday. She would have been… um… a year older than last year. I won’t lie, even 8 years later, it still messes with me that she’s gone. I still get angry. I’m not exactly sure what I’m angry about, but I’m fairly positive that it’s there because she’s not.

Of all the things that bother me, though, the one that stands out the most is that I don’t have any photos of her and I together that I like. Either I hate the way I look (I had put on a lot of weight) or I don’t like remembering her when she was sick. The photo you see is the only one I slightly like, a compromise of sorts as I was in the process of slimming down and she wasn’t at she looks somewhat how I want to remember her. Three months after this photo was taken, I was saying my final goodbye.

And… yep, that’s all I want to say about that because I can feel the tears welling…


There you have it. My WordPress anniversary and my mom’s birthday. Same day. Every year. I guess that’s one way to remember one or the other.

Oh… and a piece of advice… make sure you take photos with your parents that you like. You never know when you aren’t going to be able to take any new ones. Just saying.

Peace, out.



8 thoughts on “Yesterday…

  1. I wish I had more photos of my parents and me. I know there are some out there, but I’m not sure who has them or if they got tossed when my mom died. Lots of history lost, if that was the case.


  2. Timely. My dad is terminally ill (aren’t we all?) and we were looking for pics for my daughter’s graduation party and there’s one of her as a baby, smiling, on his knee, while he’s healthy.

    Tugs the ol’ heartstrings. Hard.

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