Week One…

Week one of my fall semester is officially done. I still have a bit of reading to do (because one of my instructors decided to give us 50 pages to read in four days…seriously???), but as of the moment, I’m caught up.

I think.

Because, that feeling is still sitting in the back of my head, telling me I must have missed something.

So far, this looks like it’s going to be a good semester. I still have to figure out what my reports are going to be on…


School Reports, am I right?

…and somewhere along the lines I have to write some poetry and some flash fiction…

Which on a side note is totally awesome. I’m paying almost a thousand dollars to have a group of people judge me for my flash fiction.


Wait, isn’t that what WordPress is supposed to be about? And that’s free. And super judgy.


so judgmental… 

I’m telling you, this mental masochism thing is the f’rizzle (yeah, I’m bringing it back.. what?)

But for now, it’s off to work I go with the satisfaction of knowing that somewhere, I totally forgot to submit something… and that’s going to bite me in the end.

I just know it.




11 thoughts on “Week One…

    1. Oddly, I have been lucky in avoiding any trolls. Either because they don’t deem me worthy of their nagging or because I am so insignificant that they just haven’t realized I’m here. Hrm, now I think I’m a bit depressed.


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