Hurricane Matthew…

Well… the track has shifted and because of that, I am now directly in the line of this hurricane. Again.



Back in 2005, we got hit by Frances and then Jean. Ivan and Wilma also played havoc with us. But this time, it’s Matthew. Expected to hit us later today…

So, yeah, that’s my day.



11 thoughts on “Hurricane Matthew…

      1. Stay safe, Todd. That’s what matters most. I’m in New Jersey so Sandy is the one that really wreaked havoc. We don’t live at the shore so we didn’t get affected that way, but it was the week of my son and daughter-in-law’s wedding so for about 10 days there was a LOT of stress (won’t get into the many details), including the wedding being cancelled, flights being cancelled, no electricity for most, trying to get gas, and the nightmare of trying to pick up again when the wedding was then “back on.” The day itself turned out wonderful, so we’re grateful it all worked out in the end.

        And remember—climate change is a HOAX according to those “in the know.” Cracks me up every time I hear that, but it seems people are blind to a lot more facts and reality than that :-\

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