On Re-writing…

Here’s a fun one to shed some light onto my own personal struggles when it comes to writing…

Every time I have to rewrite something, I feel like a failure because I didn’t get it right the first time.

Yeah… how’s that for a screwed up thought process? Anyone else have struggles like that?


5 thoughts on “On Re-writing…

    1. There’s the rub… I know it isn’t perfect, but when I have to re-write it that feeling of failure just washed over me. It’s a fun issue. 😦


  1. You sound like my sister. But hey, if you feel like a failure for not getting it right the first time, then own that feeling instead of feeling bad about it. Like, ‘Damn, I messed up again. Oh well, I’ll get it right this next time.” I mean, nothing is ever perfect, and even if it was, we’d still find fault in it. We — as humans — are just wired that way.

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    1. Lot of truth in that “wired that way” although I tend to see it a lot more in the creative types. The constant nit-picking at something to get just a bit more out of it.


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