Back At It…

I’m on vacation this week. Woot!

I’m actually off from college and from work. At the same time. Go figure.

So I’m sitting in Panera’s working on my book. What book? Oh, that’s right, it’s been forever since I’ve actually posted anything… so let fill you in.

Last Spring, I decided that the full-time job and the full course load that I was taking wasn’t enough so I decided I was going to add a bit more pressure to the mental masochism that has become my life by enrolling in an Honors in Major program at my college. Basically, I’m doing a thesis project for my bachelor’s degree… but it comes with this cool medal and a special little tag on my diploma, so… yeah.

As a creative writing major, my thesis is to write a book. So, I decided I would do a collection of short stories. I mean, I like short fiction and the thought of writing a novel is just daunting to me.  Granted, in retrospect, I should have probably done a book of poetry… but then I would have felt like I was copping out (any writers out there ever feel like this?).

The cool thing is I have a pretty firm deadline and my graduation completely depends upon me finishing this book and it being good enough to stand up to the board. The bad thing is… well, just reread that previous sentence.

Nothing like a sword hanging by a thin thread over your head as you sleep, right?

So… here I sit, trying to overcome this strongly held belief that I suck at writing or that every idea I have is stupid or who do I think I am to even remotely think I can do this…

Yeah, being a writer is awesome.

But, school starts in a week and I’ll be taking another four classes. And if I survive and I finish my book, I will be graduating in the fall.

And then…

Onto my Master’s degree.

Because the mental masochism must continue!


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