Wait… Did I Hit Something?

So, last night, about a mile-and-a-half into my ride, I thought I saw something shiny and small in the road, just in front of my tire. I heard this *fwipping* noise and I was sure that I had run over something and it had kicked up into my front wheel. I slowed down (okay, I was only doing around 13mph, but still…) and looked to see if I could see anything.


So I did a quick survey of the wheel alignment against the frame of the bike. Everything seemed okay. Did a quick glance at my back wheel and nothing seemed to be flailing about back there, so, I figured everything was good and pedaled on.

Except, something felt off.

Another hundred or so feet, I stopped and did a much more thorough check of my front wheel. Spokes seemed okay. And since the noise seemed to have come from there (and not wanting to lose any more time) I got back on and got back to it.

The riding was a bit rougher this time. Peddling felt labored. I had to downshift. That didn’t help. Something…yep… something was definitely wrong.

I looked down at my read tire, comparing it to the frame. The tire was bowing. And i knew… I just knew…

I stopped, got off my bike, and looked at the rear-wheel. It took less than a second to see the offense.

I broke a spoke.

Every rotation, the rim would rub on the rear brake caliper, which was what was causing my issue.

Luckily, I was at a spot on my route where turning around wasn’t so bad. I was less than a mile from home, so at least I wasn’t at mile 5 or something. But, my ride was over.
The bike and I limped home. In one piece… minus a spoke.

Today, I dropped her off at the shop, but she won’t be ready until probably Monday. Guess I’m breaking out the back-up tonight. Gotta get the miles in, after all.

Just like that…

And just like that, I’m reminded about how cancer hits us. There we are, going about life, and something is off. Just like that. Except, it’s not as easy to fix as replacing a spoke or hopping on a back-up bike.

If only it were that easy.

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