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On Re-writing…

Here’s a fun one to shed some light onto my own personal struggles when it comes to writing…

Every time I have to rewrite something, I feel like a failure because I didn’t get it right the first time.

Yeah… how’s that for a screwed up thought process? Anyone else have struggles like that?


The World Moves On

The world is in motion.

It never seems to sit still for very long.

When I do happen to find a spot to stop, there is always this dreaded looming fear that stuff is happening and I am not part of it.

Missing out.

Life passing by as I breath.

Is it life?

Or is it just a fantasy of life.

An illusion.

The lie that I buy into because there is somewhere else I need to get too, something else I need to accomplish.


At its basest point, it does boil down to this internal, infernal need.

As if by not fulfilling that primal lust I will be left empty.

Stressed if I do, stressed if I don’t.

Caught in between the waning and the wont.

Pulled to rest, pulled to go.

Life is short, scream YOLO.

Such a lie that that is, bought and sold on the unfulfilled promises that there is something more out there that you just have to discover.

To be fulfilled, you have to find it.




The voices rise in a cacophony tumultuous tense, more phony then tense.

And me.


In the middle.

the World in Motion from JASON VALENTINE on Vimeo.


Fake it…

About a week ago, I saw the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty“, and although it isn’t the short story I know and love, I found the movie to be phenomenal. One of the first movies in a long time that I wouldn’t mind owning. The music, the scenery, the style, the story. I just enjoyed watching it.
And then, just a few days ago, I was watching a TED video by Amy Cuddy about body language. In that video, she used the phrase “Fake it till you make it”, a phrase that I am sure most of us have heard before and some of us have even attempted.
Really, she does a better job of explaining it then I do, plus, her story is incredibly heroic and inspiring, so instead of me telling you, go take 21 minutes and watch what she has to say..
I’ll wait for you to get back.
Like, right?!
As I was writing the original post for this blog today, it occurred to me… “Isn’t that what Walter Mitty did?” He faked it til he became it. #Epiphany. #Mind Blown. (Did I just seriously hash-tag my own blog??)
Walter Mitty and Amy Cuddy showed me something a bit about myself. That is that I have always dreamed about being something, but I’ve never really taken the steps to achieve those dreams. Not really really. I’ve been faking it but never really moving, just sitting in one place. Finding one reason or another to let those slip by. A lot like Walter’s day dreams.
Movement was missing. So I have decided for the time being, I’m going to fake it till I become it by moving forward, smiling more, focusing on those few things that I can do and take care of, and letting the rest just, well… letting the rest just be whatever it is going to be.
Because, isn’t that really what Walter Mitty did?
And with that, I will leave you with a song that has become kind of my anthem recently. If you need me, I’ll be looking for Negative 25.