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R. Todd Henrichs — Imagining More…

Hey, go check out my contribution to Epic Fantasy Writer’s monthly theme, “Epic Fights and Battles”, where a group of fantasy writers share their thoughts on different aspects of writing fantasy.

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Today, R.Todd Henrichs returns to talk about the two main types of fight scenes: Sword fights and epic battles. Want to know how to make your fight scenes exciting and fun to read? Read on to find out his 4 points for creating action scenes, whether small or epic. To read more by R.Todd, go HERE

I write how I see things. Or imagine. Because let’s face it, some of the things I imagine just don’t exist. Like dragons! And for the three of you who got that… you’re welcome.

When it comes to a lot of my writing, this actually works out really well. I map out the room, I see the setting, I watch the characters, and all I have to do is keep replaying in my mind what it is I see as I get it down on paper. Much like a painter doing a still life, I would assume…

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The Arctic Bunch

Once upon a time…

There was a girl named Mary. She was a nerd. She likes to read about a penguin named Jerry. He wears a green beanie with a red puff-ball on top. Ok, we’re done with Jerry. Were back to Mary.

Mary was merry and jolly as a bowl full of candy. Another thing is she loves candy. Her favorites are Kit Kat’s, Hershey’s, Twix’ and AirHeads’ because she is an air head. Her nerd group loves penguins and polar bears. The polar bear they like is Larry. The penguin Jerry and polar bear Larry are super heroes. They are the Super Arctic Brothers. Mary goes on a trip to meet them. She made it to Antarctica. It was very cold. She found Jerry but she could not find Larry, but Jerry found him. Oh ya, and they can speak American so they found Larry and Mary asked if she could be in the Super Arctic Brothers. They said, “Yes, you have to pass some tests and you’re a girl, so the team name has to change to the Arctic Bunch.

That is how they met and became the Arctic Bunch.


So, the above was a story written by my 9 year old niece. Other then punctuation, I have not changed any part of her story (ok, I added the italics, bold, and cleaned up a few words). Ahh… the mind of a 9 year old… actually… it’s not a bad start to a story.