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Pen and Paper…


If you were ever wondering, this is kind of what my writing process looks like. That scribble at the top of the left page is from yesterday when I was working out some ideas for one of my characters, Cyrius Day. The rest is stuff I was working on at lunch today for a few haikus. Continue reading Pen and Paper…


Lunch Time Musings…

Lunch time was particularly good today. Not the food. Although, that wasn’t bad either. How do you go wrong with Tijuana Flats on Cinco de Mayo? Ok, I’m sure there are ways you can, but… so not the point.

2015-05-05 15.26.14

(scribble book… I think I like that)

No, today, while sitting at lunch with my little scribble book splayed out before me, I took pen in hand and plopped out 6 different haiku’s in a matter of a few minutes. Some were lines that I had toyed with over the past few days, but for the most part they were all inspired at that high top around the corner where I usually sit. Continue reading Lunch Time Musings…

I Will Be There

When the light is way too bright

     and the darkness is too deep

When the laughter is just a matter

     of hiding the fear you keep

When all the strife that’s in this life

     is enough to make you weep

          Know I’ll be there for you

                   I will be there.

When you’ve done the good that you could

     and it doesn’t seem enough

When you’ve hit the wall after giving your all

     and things just seem too tough

When you’ve got to live with nothing left to give

     and the going gets too rough

          Know I’ll be there for you

                   I will be there.