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Why I’m Riding…

Today is my mom’s birthday. She would have been 69 this year. But cancer took her from me back in 2008. Over the years, cancer has taken a lot from me, but her death hits me the hardest.

Truth, it’s hard for me to deal with the loss of my mom, but I can’t even begin to imagine what parents go through when they lose a child.

Because of that, I ride to support finding a cure.

Happy birthday, mom.
Miss you.
me and mom

If you would like to support my ride, you can do so by clicking HERE

p.s. I hate the way I look in this photo… so… LOL


Riding To Fight…

Cancer sucks.

It’s claimed the lives of my younger brother, mother, both of my wife’s parents, two uncles, and while I can’t confirm it at the moment, I’m pretty sure it was a major contributor in three of my grandparents death.

Last year was the first year I rode for Great Cycle Challenge and this year, I’m back at it. A little bolder, a little wiser, and really wanting to reach my goals to help these kids out because on average, 38 kids die from cancer every week and I want to see that number drop.

My goals are simple. By June 30th I will:

  • Ride 150 miles
  • Raise $500

If you’d like to help in the fight and you have a bike, go sign up and start raising and riding.

If you can’t ride, those kids (and me) could sure use your support.

If you’d like to support my goal, CLICK HERE.



I know I have been an absentee blogger as of recent. Summer semester has me a bit tied down (and not in the good way) with a lot of writing and reading, and the subject matter leaves me pretty drained (who knew Pop Culture and Literature would be so heavily Marxist...ugh... ) so I really don't feel like writing for myself let alone play video games (yeah, that part right there is the real test...)


June 10th, 2016.

Yesterday marked two anniversaries. One that I am shocked has come and gone and the other that I am just shocked.

Yesterday. Continue reading Yesterday…

Happy Birthday, Mom

Today is my mom’s birthday. (if that wasn’t readily obvious by the name of the post)


It’s been over 6 years since mom passed away. In the last few years, I tend to think of her less on the everyday. Instead, sometimes a week will go by, sometimes even two, before I have a thought about her.

Not sure how I am suppose to feel about that. It’s kind of strange, because part of me wants to feel guilty that I am not remembering her as often, because, you know, she is my mom. Then the logical part of me thinks I’m crazy because, well, she is gone, and how weird is it to want to talk to and miss someone that isn’t here anymore.

It’s a fight an interesting fight between emotion and logic, sure. But am I the only one who has ever had this thought process battle on in between their head and heart?

None-the-less… Today, I’m missing her.

And that’s ok.



Happy Birthday Mom.



Count Your Blessing on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day
Sunday, we have the opportunity to celebrate our mom’s. A day where we get to let them know exactly how special they are to us. A day where we cook them breakfast in bed, buy them flowers, and treat them to lunch. A day where..
Let’s just be real.
A day they totally deserve.
My mom has been gone for a few years now, and although I don’t get to celebrate it with her, I still take the time to remember and honor her. It is still hard to celebrate that day and not be able to give her a hug, or to sit down to a meal together and talk about whatever.
So, take the time this weekend and honor your mom’s. They are special women, and while I may not be able to express everything as eloquently as some, at least I never made this video.. (although, seriously, I think I would have, cause, you know.. Mr. T.!)
By the way, you are totally welcome for that.
Now go…
Treat your mother right.
Cause Mr. T. said so…