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Just a moment…

Ok, so, here’s my scenario…

The phone rings. It’s a business call, so I stop what I am doing to take care of that. Then, my son text’s me at the same time that someone else sends me an email that I have been waiting for. So, I try to forward the email, but before I get hit send, my boss is calling me to do something. In the middle of that, someone comes in to the office that needs to see me, specifically, and as I walk back to my desk to take care of what they needed, I am confronted with the desk full of work that I was trying to take care of when the I got the phone call. Remember the phone call? Yeah, I had to go back up and look again too.

Does this sound anything like your day? Maybe not the same particulars, but the feeling that everything is way out of control, and you are just a soap bubble on the water tornado being sucked down into the drain. And to add to that.. the garbage disposal is on.

This isn’t anything new, and for most of us, this isn’t anything all that rare. Quite the opposite, this is the norm. So the question comes down to this.

In the middle of all the hectic-ness of our every day lives, do you ever just stop and take a moment and concentrate on nothing more then connecting with God. Taking that moment, and focusing everything you are on Him, allowing the rest of the world to ‘become strangely dim’?

My moment today was what inspired me to write this. It was less then a minute, it was in a very hot truck, and it was awesome. No, their weren’t any angelic tunes flowing through the radio, I didn’t have this sudden burst of peace wash over me, and my day didn’t get any easier. But, in the middle of my storm, I stopped, I gave God everything, and for the briefest of moments, it was just Him and I.

My encouragement to you is this, in your every day walk with God, don’t forget that He is there, right there, waiting for you to recognize His presence, even in the midst of the chaos. So, take a moment, and seek Him, and you will find Him.

Take a minute to just “Be still and know that He is God.”

It’s time to start a Revolution!

So, I was doing some reading the other day and came across John 13:34-35. Go ahead and click on that link if you don’t already have this verse memorized. I’ll wait…

Ok, back? Good. Now, I know this verse is not some form of super revelation or that the heavens opened up, or.. well, maybe they did, but for me, it was actually more like a light bulb that had been dimly lit in the background coming to life and shining nice and bright, illuminating the area where I was standing.

And oh, the junk that was littered on the ground. It was disgusting to me. I sat, in the middle of this filth that I called my Christian walk, surrounded by the darts of judgement, the fecal matter or my expressed opinions about others, and the general dirt and filth that I had collected over the course of time that had been thrown at me that I had in turn, thrown at others.

And in the light of this verse, I realized, that my justification for calling others words like ‘idiot’ or ‘worthless’ or deciding that others were not worth my time or effort just because they happened to annoy me somehow, was just flat out in opposition to what Christ told us.

I was humbled. I was angry with myself. I was mortified.

And then, not two minutes after writing the word ‘idiot’ above, someone called me and did something that made me want to say.. ‘idiot’. Apparently I have some work that still needs to be done.

See, as Christian’s, we are suppose to LOVE one another. And not just those who love us, but those who hate us, those who annoy us, those who we just absolutely know are going to make fun of us.

Why? Cause He loved us first. He died on a cross to make us right with Him while we were still in the middle of our garbage, while we pointed and made fun of Him, while we rejected and said His name as a curse.

If He can do that for us, is it really so much for Him to ask us to do the same for others? Share the love that He gave you when He died on the cross in your place. After all, it is how they will know we are His disciples…

Are you ready to start a revolution?

Search me….

“Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” Ps 139:23-24

I hear the psalmist, on his knees, his hands held high while he lifts his head in this song… beating his chest, crying out to his creator in a longing passion. “Search me!” Throwing open the doors to his life, his soul, his everything. I can hear the desperation in his voice, his heart beating in his chest, his desire to be in a close relationship with his maker.

Totally expecting God to honor his plea. To find anything in him that is against God, so that he can confess it and be free. Clean before a Holy Lord. Made righteous by the work of a loving father. Having nothing to be ashamed of, but to be able to worship in spirit and in truth.

To be lead in the ways of the everlasting, to know, that through everything, he has significance and that his only desire is to follow after that which God laid out before him. To know that no matter what may happen, he is safe in his Father’s hands. To risk it all, and leave nothing behind. To rush into battle and to put his life on the line, because to live is a Godly thing, but to die, to lay down his life, in service to the King, there is no greater thing.

Father, may you find me on my knees, my hands lifted in praise to you, these words on my lips, and my heart open to you. Search me, oh my King. Search me.

The Unarmed Warrior

Men! Warriors for Christ!

Have we laid the weapons of our warfare at the feet of devil? Have we, in the pursuit of masculinity and manhood, taken that which God would use for our benefit and bought into the lie that those weapons are to effeminate?

What knight would hand over his sword to his enemy? What cop would hand over his gun to a criminal? They wouldn’t. That would be crazy. Yet, so many Christian men have done exactly that.

You may be asking how have we done that. The answer is simple. We don’t read our Bible, the very words that God inspired to be written to lead us into all truth. We don’t pray, the very means that we can have direct communication with our maker. We don’t worship, the very act that allows us to glorify our king.

These are our weapons. And the devil has done a great job of taking these things and feminizing them, as if to read your bible, or pray, or worship, were something that women are suppose to do. “To do it wouldn’t be manly, and will only get me laughed at,” we think to ourselves. It plays on that secret fear many men have, that of being good enough. So, we just lay them down, besides, as a man, we can do it without those things, right? Wrong.

Take a look around at the men in the church. What words come to mind when you see them? Courageous? Fearless? Powerful? Timid? Unattached? Unplugged?

I, for one, am tired of being the devil’s chew toy, and I am reaching down to grab my weapons. If you are willing to take up yours (or if you are one that never has laid them down), pray for me, and others, that we can wake up and be the sleeping giant God has called His warriors to be.

Think about it…