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Not something I am particularly well acquainted with. Granted, I’m not a very proud (boastful) person either. However, when it comes to my writing skills, I have had occurrence over the last few years to recognize that I am not as horrible as I think that I am. There are times in my writing groups or in my classes where I will read peoples work and my immediate thought or critique is, “Seriously, give up. No, really. I hear accounting is a good career.”

And then I hear my wife’s voice nagging me, “Be nice.”

Now, let me just set one thing straight. Being nice is just not in my character. I’m brash, I’m curt, I’m honest. I’m kind of like the 2×4 that most people need to be hit with (or at least I’ve been told that (ok, I might be a bit proud of that aspect… just a bit)). So, when my wife tells me to be nice, I have to take a deep breath and remember that I am dealing with humans who have feelings… so much ugh.

And then…

Then it happens. That moment when I read Langston Hughes or Robert Frost of Dylan Thomas and I am reminded in a brutal fashion that I am not that great.

Oh, how the mighty do fall.

Where just a few seconds ago I stood high on a pedestal and sneered at the masses of the inadequate and doggerel, I now look up from the crater that has become my bed and I reach up, stretching forth my hand toward the gods of the written word and wonder when… when will be my moment to shine like the stars that they have become, twinkling in the heavens and haunting my thoughts like ghosts from a time I long to bring back.

How I long to walk amongst those stars and hear their stories. How I wish to sit for a while under the tutelage of those men and women who weave the words wistfully and without work.

Just to create something, anything, that will touch another soul the way that they have touched mine.


p.s. A is for alliteration

The End of March…

It’s March 31st. Today marks the last day of my haiku challenge (self-imposed) that started… um, a month ago. Yeah, did that feel weird to anyone else?

I have written 31 haiku for this challenge (yep, as I write this the last one is scheduled to go live at 5pm which is after you will be reading this (because I’m going to schedule this to go live after that)) even though I have written more than 31 this month (hey, Ronovan and Horizon’s get their very own for their challenges, it would have felt like cheating if I did it any other way).

What did I learn?

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Two Years…


According to my Facebook flashback, today marks the two year anniversary since I first published Count Your Blessings.

Two years. That’s it.

That’s how long it has been since I started taking this writing thing seriously again. It feels like it has been so much longer ago than that. Ok, sure, there is a leap year day snuck in there that might be the reason for why it feels so much longer than just an ordinary (non-leap year day) two years… but I doubt it.

Time is weird like that I guess. For instance, it’s not until someone says something like…

Did you know Top Gun came out 30 years ago?

Source: IMDB

That I suddenly realize how much time has gone by. And yes, go check, this year marks the 30 year anniversary of the release of that epic Anthony Edwards movie. Only, they had to go and make it about Tom Cruise and kelly McGillis. We all know the real love story was Goose and Meg Ryan. Right?

But, anyway… digressing being what it is… It feels like that movie came out just a few years ago, not 30. Man, just typing that is making me feel really old… And yet, there it is. The cold, hard truth that all that time has passed since then.

And in the two years since I have started back to writing, I have gone back to college, finished my AA, started my Bachelor’s degree, switched over to WordPress (I started on Blogger), started a second blog (A Flash Of Fiction), joined up with the guys over at Epic Fantasy Writers, entered into a few writing contests (and won a couple.. yah me!), joined a writing workshop group, penned several hundred stories, poems and haiku (including my currently ongoing March Haiku A Day), and am currently trying to figure out how to outline a novel so I can actually (and finally) finish a book (wouldn’t that be nice?).

After typing all that, it’s no wonder two years seems much longer than it has been. That’s a lot of stuff. Oh, and I forgot to add, I turned 45 last month. So there’s that too.
Yep, I’m that many old…

I’d just like to thank those of you who I have connected with on here, who have become my online friends. Even those of you who just lurk in the shadow like you are Buffalo Bill, just waiting to see if you can wear me as a skin suit (too far?). This has been one heck of a ride.

So, here’s to two years of being back in this writing game. And to many more.


Hoo Yah!

Last House on the Left…

The road we took to our destination is off the beaten path, so much so that finding it on your own would be nigh shy of a miracle. From the main road, you will twist and turn through a nicer section of town, that quickly becomes something more befitting to a Mark Twain story, before you make your final turn onto a road that is barely more than paved dirt. The two homes that you pass are more ramshackle than run-down, and it was at this point that I looked at my inviter and wondered where exactly he was taking me. That’s when I saw uur destination; Last House. Which is, literally, the last house on the left.

In truth, had it been dark, this would have been the perfect opening scene for a horror movie. Luckily (for me),  it was 9:30 on a Sunday morning.

The house sits alone in a yard that is more dirt than grass. We park under a large shade tree that already has several cars parked around it. We get out and walk to the house. It’s the double red doors that stand out to me, as they contrast against the white exterior. Continue reading Last House on the Left…

25 of 25…

This morning, the sun rose in the east. A bird chirped in a tree while a dog barked from a backyard. Life was normal for most of the world. But, not for me. No, today, things were different. Today is a milestone in my life as my wife and I celebrate 25 years of wedded ‘bliss’.

I say ‘bliss’ because that implies ignorance, and if anything we have learned in these last 25 years it’s that ‘bliss’ can be dangerous. Don’t look for bliss, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Instead, look for cake. No, wait, the cake is a lie. Look for.. oh… I got it.. look for each other. Yeah. That has the right amount of sappy and romantic in it that the women just love.

Yep, I burn the brownie points just as fast as I earn them… Continue reading 25 of 25…