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The Watch, The Door, and Chance…

I stood in the pastor’s office, my heart was beating a bit fast. I’m not so sure that I was nervous. Granted, I’m not so sure I wasn’t, either. My friend Chance was in there with me also, and since I had given him my watch to wear he kept glancing at it and mocking me as the minutes went by. The pastor walked in from his back office door, and realized in the process that it was unlocked. Smiling at me he locked it and said, “Wouldn’t do if you could just run away right now, would it?” I smiled a bit in return.

We went over a few details about what was going to happen in a few Continue reading The Watch, The Door, and Chance…

The Potato Famine Years

10347425_10154637944255608_4025207068298286260_nMy marriage story (actually, it’s ours, her and I’s) began rocky. It was 1990, I was enlisted in the Navy, a mere E-2, stationed 4 hours away from any family or friends, and when we got married, I brought her to live up there, away from everything she had ever known. Adding to this almost perfect setup of marital bliss, I had not had a chance to get to know the area that we were living in because I reported aboard my ship and was gone within a month for a six month deployment, only to return and head to my hometown to get married. So… yeah. It was pretty awesome.

In case that picture wasn’t quite dour enough, our car was a 1980 Chevy Citation that barely made the trip up to our new town and, well, it never made the trip back (more on that in a bit). Money was tight (read non-existent), and almost everything we owned was, in some shape or fashion, a hand-me-down. That included our silverware, dishes and all of our kitchen utensils (my mom had given us a green colander that I remember her using when I was a kid, I loved that thing). Bleak is a pretty apt word. Continue reading The Potato Famine Years

Dream Changer

It has been over 17 years since I walked away from active military service and there are still very few days where I don’t feel some longing for what I use to have when I was in. There are choices that I made that led me to my decision to finally sever my ties with that life, choices I don’t regret, but choices that have most definitely lead me to the place where I currently am.

When I first joined, I had dreams and aspirations. Ok, reality, I had no idea what I was getting into… but after about 6 months, I had an idea of where I wanted to go, what I wanted to accomplish, and who I wanted to become. Dreams of becoming a SEAL, or heading off to become an EOD Tech floated at the top of my list. I then found out about the SBU’s, and set my sights on heading in that direction.

Notice how all these aspirations have to do with what is commonly recognized as ‘warrior’ callings, the brave men who walk into hell and eat fire for a living. I wanted so desperately to be numbered among them, to prove to people that I had the steel inside to wear a badge of honor that set me apart. Someone of note. Continue reading Dream Changer

The Proposal

This story has been going around for years, and as with all stories that I tell from this time frame, this is told to the best of my memory. The other part to this story, that I must disclose before the telling, is that it is something that, in a very weird way, has become a mark of honor for me. For my wife… well… that is for her to tell you.

Now, TO THE BACKSTORY!! (said in my best Adam West impersonation)

batcave_photo 2
Just in case you have no idea who Adam West is.

Continue reading The Proposal

24 and counting…


It started innocent enough.

I spotted her from across the room.

That red headed girl. She made me feel like Charlie Brown. (Who am I kidding, I was Charlie Brown.)

Somewhere along the way, she showed me I could be Westley, but to win her, there would be sword fights, pirates, murder… true love. (it didn’t sound like such a bad story). Then, I left, just like Westley, to find my way so that I could make something for us. Continue reading 24 and counting…