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The Boat

The mission was simple. Board the vessel, secure the package, then exfil. Everything had gone smoothly until on his way out of the boat, while heading toward the aft, one of the armed guards decided now was a time to take a smoke break. He stood dead still, trying his best to fade into the shadows of the white ship, but knowing that his black wet suit would give him away if the guard looked in his direction. He tightened his hand on his knife, Continue reading The Boat



While taking a psychology class,

A warning you must heed,

Never attempt to apply

Everything you read.

The worst critic in the world

is the one you face the most.

The mirror looking back at you

Always thinks your gross.

The voices in your head

Always seem to care.

About what we are not sure

They never seem to share.

They say there’s a silver lining

Behind every single cloud

My question is, who are ‘they’

And why is their advice allowed?

If a spoonful of sugar

Helps the medicine go down,

Is it any wonder why we are,

The most diabetic nation around?


Looking To the Stars

She couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen the stars. In the small town she grew up in, she had looked at them almost all the time. With a population of less then 300, it was one of the only things they could do to pass the time.¬†But when was the last time she really looked, and saw them like she use to look at them as a kid, with awe and wonder. Ten years? Fifteen? Life just seemed to get in the way and there was never time to stop.


“Funny how life tends to be the thing you blame when you miss out on so much of it”, she thought to herself. Continue reading Looking To the Stars