Count Your Blessings

Why I started writing “Count Your Blessings”?

When I started blogging again, I started it because I was dealing with some pretty intense thoughts about my own mortality. The long and the short of it was that my wife and I had dealt with over 15 deaths of close friends and family in about 10 years (I stopped counting, and refuse to go through the list).

Four of those deaths were from cancer (my younger brother, my mother, and both her parents). Her father was the last of the four and during his last year and a half, he lived with us. The cancer had metastasized to his brain and we got to watch the slow progression of change occur in him that was just not fun.

Shortly after his death in mid 2013, I had a sort of mental and emotional break. Death had been surrounding me for so long that it became the only thing I could see. I would go to sleep at night, feel my heart race and refuse to lay next to my wife, in case I died in the middle of the night, so she wouldn’t have to wake up next to me (this happened to my mom with my step-father).

Someone suggested I start writing again. Someone suggested I go to therapy and talk to a professional (I haven’t as of yet, but still something I am considering), and someone suggested I just focus on small positive things.

Add those things to the idea that one of my friends initiated called “The Real 30 Day Challenge“, and you have birthed the “Count Your Blessings” blogs.

I took something from my life that I felt blessed by and blogged about it. Spending the time, concentrating on those people or things that I was overlooking, caused me to focus on positive things.

So, that is the story of #CYB and how it came to be. And yes, I am still struggling through some of those issues, but, I don’t feel so overwhelmed these days.



1 thought on “Count Your Blessings

  1. My mum got into the challenge last year. I think it’s a great thing to name what God has done. A person’s nature knows all the bad without trying, now we have to try to remember the good and say thank your lord.


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