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The Science of the High Five

Apparently, there is a science to the high-five. Color me shocked, but I had no idea that there was this class of study until my daughter decided to drop a knowledge bomb on me and inform me about it. Here I was, in all my years of living on God’s green earth (which she informed me was blue, because it is mostly ocean), giving high-fives and doing it in a non-scientific manner.

See, when I give a high-five, I put my hand up and stop, allowing the person who is on the other end to aim and complete the arc, connecting the hands at the top. I do this because when I use to continue the effort I would leave the person with whose hand I connected, stinging and in pain. I tend to be forceful, exuberant even, when giving high-fives, and because I have big hands and know how to cup them just right to create the greatest amount of impact, the resulting connection is quite magnificent. Having worked with kids for such a long time, I recognized that this could be a bad thing, so I adopted the much more passive version that I use now. Unless of course it’s a teenager who annoys me, then… well, full impact mode is a go. Continue reading The Science of the High Five


Conglomeration of Color

In my old office, which I recently gave up to become a bedroom again, hangs a painting. I only call it a painting because it is hanging on the wall, framed, and it has paint on it.

A better definition for what it is would be an amalgamation of the warfare that is my life, in abstract.

My father-in-law made it several years ago, and when I first saw it, I claimed it as my own as the only thing I wanted to inherit from him on the day of his stepping into eternity. That day happened last year, and so now it graces my wall (well, it graces the wall of the young lady currently occupying my old office, but, that’s more semantics). Continue reading Conglomeration of Color