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Page Turners

I have never really stopped reading. Granted, I never really did it with the fervor that some of the people I know do. There are a few of them that will complete an entire book (over 300 pages) in a matter of an afternoon. Me? I’m lucky if I can get through a 200 page book in over a month. I think part of that is due to the fact that I read every word like I was talking out loud (I write like that too, for instance, I am actually reading every word as I type it.. I know.. I know.. I’m strange).

Up until recently, I would say that most of what I was reading was non-fiction. Books on living a better Christian life, about youth culture, how to better do this or that, or any of a number of other books that dealt with being a better youth leader. On a side note, it is truly amazing how some people can take one concept and make a 300 page book out of it. Their ability for repetition is insane (and very, very boring). Continue reading Page Turners


Once upon a time…

It’s been a long time since I have opened up a book and actually finished reading it. My latest attempt has been with the book “Divergence”, and I got to chapter 4 and just lost total interest.

However, years ago, there were several books that I just found myself not wanting to put down. Great stories that just drew me into the threads of the weaving that the other was doing. Continue reading Once upon a time…