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It’s the Cat’s Fault…

Happy-Monday-11It’s Monday again. Which means somewhere along the line there was a weekend I somehow missed.

I hate when that happens.

Ok, I didn’t really miss it, I just don’t really remember it all that well. This happens every Monday though and I’m pretty sure I know why. Every Monday I have to go to work that is. And it starts something like this.

0┬áhour: Alarm goes off. Hit snooze, roll over and wait til second alarm. Continue reading It’s the Cat’s Fault…


Of all the things in this world, my mind is the thing I miss the most.

It’s an old saying, one that tends to be incredibly apropos to me most days. If its not struggling with an anxiety issue, it’s balancing my school load. At the moment, I am taking 2 classes per each 6 week summer semester. Spanish happens to be one of those two classes and learning a foreign language in a span that short… well, I’m sure you can guess what a watermelon looks like after you shove it through a whole the size of a lemon. It’s kind of the same concept, but instead of a watermelon, it’s language. Lot’s and lot’s of language.

If it’s not that, it’s making sure that I am spending quality time with my wife. That tends to be difficult. Maybe not how you think, but… let me explain. No, that will take too long, let me summarize*. Continue reading Balancing Act…

Scout the Protector

The room was getting dark in the later afternoon, as the sun’s last rays shone into it. Emily lay on the floor, looking at the cat hiding under the dresser. His black fur absorbing the light, making his outline fade into the shadows. His eyes were aglow, bright green as he stared back. Emily reached out her hand slowly toward him, reaching under the dresser to where he currently hide. He watched, his eyes unblinking as her hand drew closer to him. She stopped as she saw him move his head away from her fingers.

“It’s okay. I won’t hurt you.” Emily spoke out to him. “Come here kitty.” Her 12 year old voice soft and cooing, like her grandmother Rose had taught her. Emily could hear Rose saying, “You have to be gentle, calm and slow. Earning an animal’s trust is no quick matter.” It made Emily smile a bit to think back to that time when her grandmother would place her on her lap and they would talk about the animals.

Emily was brought back to the moment at hand when she felt the soft tickle of a whisker on one of her fingers. She looked at the cat and saw him slowly start moving toward her outstretched hand, taking cursory sniffs at her. “That’s right. Come here kitty, I won’t hurt you.”

The cat stopped moving altogether, tilted his head at her then said, “I know.” Continue reading Scout the Protector