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My Two…

I have some pretty talented children. I don’t say it enough. Maybe I do. Maybe it just isn’t loud enough for them to hear. Both of them play musical instruments. Pretty well from what I can tell. I’m not musical, so.. my judgement is heavily biased with the “look at my kid” factor..

They’re not bad-looking either. Ok, that one was totally me (fine.. fine.. mom had a lot to do with that too… ) Continue reading My Two…


I’ve been writing poetry for a very long time. Mind you, none of it is really all that good, at least not in my opinion. Add to that fact that I have this really weird way of creating songs out of nothing (a trait my wife calls ‘songing’ (yeah, I don’t get it either)), and you end up with this weird mish-mash of strange songs that get sung (way out of tune) to the melodies I hear on the radio or tv.

Except for this one time.

I’m not sure when it happened, but it was sometime around my daughter being about 3 years old. She was a ball of fire, always on the go, always quietly planning to do something. That was one of her scary traits. With our son, we always knew he was doing something wrong because he would make a ton of noise doing it. Our daughter however, when she got quiet… you could almost guarantee she had some nefarious plot she had cooked up and was in the midst of trying to take over the world. Continue reading Songing

Truth Tactics

My children… the two that are biologically claimable by me… hate that I have this innate ability to get the truth out of them. Oh, sure, they will tell you that I am not always right or that they have been able to lie to me, but just remember, that is from their perspective. From mine, it tends to be more the matter of whether or not I allow them to know that I know, or I feign ignorance to lull them into a false sense of security just to see how far they will go.


I have developed several tactics over the course of my parentage to them and I feel ok sharing this with you because they are both over 18 at this point and, well, they have gotten to the point where their need to lie to me is only outweighed by their realization that it is only detrimental to them in the long run, because, honestly, I’m going to find out anyway. Continue reading Truth Tactics