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The Proposal

This story has been going around for years, and as with all stories that I tell from this time frame, this is told to the best of my memory. The other part to this story, that I must disclose before the telling, is that it is something that, in a very weird way, has become a mark of honor for me. For my wife… well… that is for her to tell you.

Now, TO THE BACKSTORY!! (said in my best Adam West impersonation)

batcave_photo 2
Just in case you have no idea who Adam West is.

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It Starts…

It was July 3, 1989.

Sometime in the early evening.

I was 18 and just over a month to go before I shipped off to Navy boot camp.

I was standing in my front yard saying goodbye to a friend.

I don’t recall the reason she had come over, but I won’t ever forget the conversation that followed us walking out and her standing at her car before she left.

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