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Who am I?

I stand in front of the mirror, looking at the man who is staring back at me. The face looks familiar enough. Older. Greyer. Wiser?

Definitely not wiser.

But most assuredly older.

A deep sigh.

How do you sum up 43 years in the span of 4 minutes. A life can’t be contained in such a short amount of time, can it? And if it could, would it be worth even talking about? Continue reading Who am I?

A Madman in a Box

I was sitting at a table in a mostly empty cafe, enjoying a mid-afternoon espresso when it happened. I had barely put my cup down when I heard the noise. A hard, grinding, breathing, almost like what a bulldozer would sound like if it inhaled then exhaled. The next thing that I noticed was the wind starting to kick up. I covered my eyes to keep them protected as I looked around at what could possibly be causing this disturbance.

That’s when I saw it. It was faint at first. Almost like it was fading in and out of existence. As the noise got louder, the wind kicked up even more, and the box became more material. Then, with what seemed like a giant exhale and a loud clump, the noise faded away along with the wind, and the box was solid. The light on top of it, which was blinking only moments ago, was now out. Continue reading A Madman in a Box