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While taking a psychology class,

A warning you must heed,

Never attempt to apply

Everything you read.

The worst critic in the world

is the one you face the most.

The mirror looking back at you

Always thinks your gross.

The voices in your head

Always seem to care.

About what we are not sure

They never seem to share.

They say there’s a silver lining

Behind every single cloud

My question is, who are ‘they’

And why is their advice allowed?

If a spoonful of sugar

Helps the medicine go down,

Is it any wonder why we are,

The most diabetic nation around?



DROP! And Give Me 20!

I use to be one of those juvenile boot camp drill instructor’s years ago. You know the one’s you use to see on Jerry Springer or Maury Povich. Yep, camouflaged, Smokey the Bear hat wearing, boot kicking Drill Instructor of kids who

Ok, this isn't me, but, you get the picture.
Ok, this isn’t me, but, you get the picture.

had been court ordered to attend our program. We marched them, PT’d them, ran them, made them clean their rooms, had work details for the obstacle course, and every now and again, when one decided he wanted to ‘buck’, we took them to ‘The Pit’, a place where we worked out their problem with an extreme physical workout. That was our job. But only half of it. (BTW, the half I did not like, in case you were wondering).

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