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The Last Breath

It was just after 11am as I recall. I had been at work when I got the message. Walking back onto the grounds of the same hospice I had been at only 6 years earlier when I watched my brother pass away was a task of Herculean effort as every memory from that month flooded back into my brain like a lightning bolt crashing into the ground. This time, however, it was for my father-in-law. Not easier, just different.

I walked past the screened-in patio where I spent many nights with my family during the last days of my brother’s life. The only reprieve I had in the storm of emotions that was ripping through me was that I did not have to go into that particular building. So, I passed by, glimpsing over one last time as I walked into the building opposite, crossed the family room and walked into the room where my father-in-law was. Continue reading The Last Breath