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Asking for help?help

Who does that?

Not this guy, that’s who… and usually I am the worse for it.

My pride, male ego and just the general “I can do it!” attitude step right in the way when I realize I am in way over my head, keeping me from reaching out to someone. As such, let’s take a deeper look into what those three reasons actually mean… and why they have such a grip on me and, for the most part, all other men. Continue reading Help?

The Taste of Life



One makes the other better.

The other makes the one worse.

Without one, you can’t have the other.

If everything was a success, nothing would be a success.

The deeper the valley, the higher the peaks.

The higher the peaks, the deeper the valleys.

And one last thing…

Failure always feels like it last longer then success, so.. savor the success as long as you can.