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Dream Changer

It has been over 17 years since I walked away from active military service and there are still very few days where I don’t feel some longing for what I use to have when I was in. There are choices that I made that led me to my decision to finally sever my ties with that life, choices I don’t regret, but choices that have most definitely lead me to the place where I currently am.

When I first joined, I had dreams and aspirations. Ok, reality, I had no idea what I was getting into… but after about 6 months, I had an idea of where I wanted to go, what I wanted to accomplish, and who I wanted to become. Dreams of becoming a SEAL, or heading off to become an EOD Tech floated at the top of my list. I then found out about the SBU’s, and set my sights on heading in that direction.

Notice how all these aspirations have to do with what is commonly recognized as ‘warrior’ callings, the brave men who walk into hell and eat fire for a living. I wanted so desperately to be numbered among them, to prove to people that I had the steel inside to wear a badge of honor that set me apart. Someone of note. Continue reading Dream Changer

That One Christmas…

The family had gathered for Christmas at grandma’s house. It had been our tradition for as long as i could remember. Those from the north would come down and my family, from the south, would drive up. Meeting in the middle. I would say the reason we met there was because it was convenient for everyone, but in my childhood memories I blame it on the fact that my grandmother cooked, and even though I am sure she could do that anywhere, there must have been something magical about her kitchen because everything created there was beyond delicious. Continue reading That One Christmas…

Shut up. You have a good wife. Now, go home.

“Shut up. You have a good wife. Now, go home.”

That is how every single one of the conversations I had with my mother about my spouse ended. Whether it started as a tirade of blasphemes against her character or an embellishment of wrongs that she had done to me, her response was always the same.

“Shut up. You have a good wife. Now, go home.” Continue reading Shut up. You have a good wife. Now, go home.

Embracing the Weird


I take great pride in being called weird.

And before my family decides to make this their new chant in the office, let me just frame that statement with the following explanation (granted, I doubt they even read this far after reading the first line).

I have a different outlook on a lot of things. It’s not drastically different, but definitely just left of normal. I sometimes see the odd in things that others don’t, my sense of humor is rye (pumpernickel is just nasty), and I have an affinity toward things that most adults constitute as childish (I still tap people on the opposite shoulder while walking by, I make weird awkward jokes in serious moments, and I yell out “Marco!” in places like Wal-Mart, Sam’s or the mall).

On top of all that, I tend to hang out with teenagers and young adults, and some would say that I talk and act like them. It’s not something I do to be part of who they are, but more about how integrated I have made myself into their world. I use the words ‘swag’, ‘dorbs’, ‘perts’ and ‘totes McGoats’ (seriously, that’s just fun to say), much to the chagrin of my daughter who looks at me with dead seriousness in her eyes and says…”Dad! Just stop.” Add to that the fact that I have always been a comic book, superhero and cartoon kind of guy, I love my video games, and I enjoy the really nerdy things in life.. and I was like this back in the 80’s… before they were cool (but parachute pants and mullets were? Really? You want to judge me??)

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In the Comparative


How often do we chase our dreams to only get stopped by comparing
ourselves to others who are doing the very same thing? Not only are they doing the same thing, but they seem to be doing it better!

I started this blog as a way to focus on things. To take a few moments out of my day and really let my mind sink into what is going on, wrap it up into words and then spew it forth upon unsuspecting readers. As I have done this, I went from Blogger to WordPress. I still post to Facebook, Twitter, and my Google account to get the word out.

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