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Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

This time of year was always something I looked forward too. Well, at least since I was 27. That was the first year my son started school. From his first day of kindergarten (1997) to my daughter’s last day of high school (2013) I have been overcome with joy by the marking of the first day back to school.

Seeing their faces on that first day was wonderful. They were bright eyed, wondrous, looking forward to new adventures with new friends and at the same time marked by a complex amount of terror that is only reserved for those creatures that live in the closet and only come out on the darkest of nights in the quiet hours.

Then, as their experience levels raised, marked by the leveling up process known as moving into the next grade, that look of wonderment and fear slowly turned to joy and happiness. Continue reading Most Wonderful Time of the Year!