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I got something in my eye…

I am not one prone to crying. I think that has something to do with a messed up childhood, or some weird sense of duty or honor or machoism, or maybe I’m just messed up (yeah, probably that one). Mind you, I’m not saying I don’t cry, or that I don’t want too, I’m just saying that for some reason, when the feeling of crying hits me, my body and mind fight the emotion and I end up just having this pain in the back of my throat.

My inability to cry when I should has even led me to say these words, “It’s ok to cry. How about you cry for the both of us?” For context, I said this to my daughter while hugging her at my mother’s funeral. (see, totally screwed up, I know.. right?) However, those times that I can remember actually shedding a tear (singular, btw), it tends to be when I am watching something about the men and women who serve in our military. Continue reading I got something in my eye…

Inside Combat Rescue

Anyone who knows me knows that I like to pick on the Air Force. Granted, it is a good natured ribbing and it is only with those that I personally know who are serving or have served. Even though it is harmless and in good fun, they were the uniform of the United States military and I make sure that they know they have earned my respect and admiration when its all done.

However, there is a group of guys in the Air Force that I have a special place for in my heart. A group that, honestly, if I would have known existed, I would have joined the Air Force just to try to make it through their school.

Who are these guys that would make a die hard Navy300px-United_States_Air_Force_Pararescue_Emblem.svg man want to switch branches? Continue reading Inside Combat Rescue