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Saturday is on the way…

SaturdayBetween work, school, trying to maintain a semblance of what might look like a social life, and forging ahead with trying to become the writer that I know I should be, my life feels very full right now.Saturday’s have become my “Me” day, partly because my wife is away at work and the other two people who live in my home have recognized that hiding in their rooms or getting out of the house is the best way to avoid being caught in ‘the trap of having a conversation with me.’*

So, on Saturday’s I tend to be able to sleep in later than normal, which throws my morning routine into a bit of flux, but nothing that I haven’t compensated for over the course of time. As I really don’t want to travel unless I have too, tea becomes the caffeine vehicle of choice (something with cinnamon in it normally), and I forego my morning cup of Dunkin’ coffee. I meander around the house for a bit, usually picking some area and cleaning it for a bit (these tend to be my areas, as I truly despise cleaning up after full grown adults who are more than capable of cleaning after themselves) before settling down with my Tigger mug of tea (hrm, I think I shall adopt that as the new name of my mug.. yes, this works nicely) and cracking open one of the two HUMONGOUS books I have to read for class (seriously, one class has three books with over a thousand pages, the other class… well the book weighs like 8 pounds and is well over 4 inches thick…). Continue reading Saturday is on the way…

What a day…

I wake up at 6 am. I decide to hit the gym in the hotel only to discover that it was closed because of a MRSA outbreak. Ok, bad planning on my part, so, instead, I headed back up to the room, take a shower, which is lukewarm at best, then shave and get ready for my meeting at 8:30 am.

As I get ready, I look at my watch and decide I have plenty of time before I have to head out so I start to go through my notes. As I do, I discover that one of my contracts is missing. A quick call to the office and that should fix that problem. Just hope someone is there and can email it to me and then I’ll just print it out on my portable printer. Which runs out of ink halfway through. Great, delays. I check my watch again.

7:10. Continue reading What a day…

Just… one… last… thing

It’s 12:30.


The house is quiet. Everyone is asleep and only the soft sounds of music can be faintly heard in the background. Sometimes one of my cat’s meow’s or scratches at a door to be let in (to instantly be let out again… cats).

I sit in my backroom command center. That place walled up by monitors, a TV, consoles and my pc’s and Mac. The place my wife says I will launch the next space shuttle from.

My eyes are glued to the screen. I don’t think I have blinked in the last 3 minutes. Images dance in pixelated union in front of me, forming the diversion that has kept me up this late.

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