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Ice is Nice! (and COLD!)

So, yesterday, my wife and I packed our daughter into the car (a feat that, although not impossible does come with its own hassles of dealing with a grumpy 20-year-old) and headed north to the town of Orlando to meet up with our son and daughter-in-law to celebrate Christmas. With all of our schedules, this was going to be the only time in the weeks ahead or shortly after that we would be able to actually meet up, so, with grumpy daughter (she didn’t know what our plans were.. so), ecstatic wife (a morning woman who is happy because the sun is up), a really frustrated me (I’ll explain that later.. maybe), and some semblance of a plan for the day, we got on the road and set our sights on O-Town.

With little sleep from the night before because of something that kept me up (which I just can’t recall at the moment), I was in a dour mode to start. Add to that the express need to caffeinate and the only Dunkin Donuts between us and the highway littered by a motorcycle squad filling almost every parking spot with their bikes or their bodies, this day was not starting off well. There were some other issues also that had me out of sorts, but in spite of all that, my wife still just kept smiling (which, in and of itself is quite frustrating to a person who is frustrated…). But, finally, I got my coffee and headed back to the road. Then promptly turned around as my wife kept calling me to come back and pick her and my daughter up.

What? I wasn’t awake yet. Continue reading Ice is Nice! (and COLD!)