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The Day I Flew Like Superman… Kinda

It was Christmas day. 2003 or so. Give or take a year. We had just finished up our holiday visit at my in-laws and were heading out to another engagement. My wife’s sister and her family had arrived after us and, in doing so, had parked their SUV behind us, so my brother-in-law was going to move it while we said our goodbyes to everyone.

My 4-year-old nephew was down on the sidewalk on the other end of the house away from the driveway. My wife, her sister, and her mother were up near the house and I was standing next to them waiting to say my farewells when my nephew noticed that his parent’s vehicle was pulling out. My assumption is that he thought his parents were leaving him and he started racing toward the SUV. Continue reading The Day I Flew Like Superman… Kinda


I can read your mind…

It has been said, on a few occasions, by a few of my students, that IProf X have this uncanny ability to know what is going on in their lives. One of them has even called me Professor X, because it seems as if I have some telepathic ability to read their minds.

In truth, I do.

Now for any of my students reading this.. go away.. the rest of you can stay.

Yes, I know you are still reading.. now.. shooo. Continue reading I can read your mind…