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On Bio’s…

Am I the only one who hates writing about themselves?

Ok, let me clarify. I’m not talking about the kind of writing where I am telling a story about my life, I’m talking about those little bits of information where I am telling others about myself in online bio’s. Or as I like to call it, bragging about yourself. Ok, I just made that up… but meh.

And no. I’m not talking about online dating site bio’s, even though I hear people struggle with that all the time. I’m talking about that little box that you can find right now, down at the very bottom of this post, where I am telling you about who I am in a much shorter version than what is posted above it (I mean here, just in case you missed that).

But anywho…  Continue reading On Bio’s…


I gave up…

I got angry.

I got hurt.

I got reflective.

I gave up.

But the fire still burned in my chest, the desire of words to escape from me. The need to put pen to paper. The lust to share my thoughts with the world.

It engulfed me, burning away everything (except my own self-doubt) and leaving me with…


It should be an interesting journey from this point on.

Rebuilding and figuring it out.

The hurt is gone. The anger stays.

The self-doubt still claws at me to stay down and never reach for the stars because I’m not good enough.

But, if I don’t try, the self-doubt will be the least of my problems.

I won’t live with regret.

I will trudge on.


Something like that.

Middle Ground…

I don’t really have a middle ground when it comes to my personality. It might be a disorder… kind of like not having a middle name… which I am sure is not a disorder, or so I hear. This lack of middle ground in my life is quite a conflicting issue for me, mainly because almost everything about my life is ‘middle’:

  • I go by my middle name
  • I am a middle child
  • Both my parents are middle children
  • I like to be in the middle of everything

Ok, that list is short, but I won’t bore you with the other details (it’s either that or I can’t think of any others, so we will just go with the aforementioned excuse reason). Continue reading Middle Ground…

To Write or to Read…

It’s no surprise, I like to write. I fancy myself a bit of a story-teller. I enjoy when others enjoy what I create. A bit too much, some might say. Some. I take criticism about as well as anyone else, which is to say, I don’t mind correction, but I despise it when someone says negative things about my work.

There are times I feel more at home in front of a keyboard than I do anywhere else. Unless, of course, there are video games to be played. Then… well, the world needs to be saved, even if it is only a fake one. But I digress (a word I like to use as a way to explain my rabbit trails). Continue reading To Write or to Read…


I am an extremist. No, not the adrenaline junkie, risk taking kind. More like the…When I do something, I am all in, otherwise, I’m all out…kind.

For instance, chess. A simple game of attack and defend. One that I play with the aggressiveness of the German Blitzkrieg. I am not very good at it, at least against people who know how to play the game… like my wife. In the 25 plus years that I have known her, I don’t think I have ever beaten her in a game. Not that we play anymore. No, I stopped being defeated by her years ago because I know I am going to lose, and since I know I can’t win, what’s the point in playing. Continue reading Extremes