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I have this thing with lying. I hate it. A lot. Like.. a super lot… like infinity times two, a lot. (I’ve actually written about something similar in the past.) But because of that strong dislike for lies, I myself do everything in my power not to lie. Like not even a little. I’m sure there are those who are already discounting this, I’m sure there are those who know me who are trying to think of a time I did so they can disprove this. By all means, if you feel the need.. go ahead.. I’ll wait.

And because I am an awesome guy.. here, have some music to help. Continue reading Honest…


Little White Truths

I am a horrible person.

There, I admitted it. Not a surprise to those that know me, I am sure. But to those that don’t, this may come as a shock. Now, I know many might be asking what nefarious thing have I gone and done this time, but I will get to that shortly. I just feel with the Christmas time being so near, I need to clear the air about my wrong doing. Or rather, about my… not wrong doing… as it truly would be stated.

See, I don’t lie. Not the big fat ugly ones, not the little innocent white ones. So much so that I have told my wife pretty plainly, “Don’t ask me a question you don’t want an answer too.” As she is sure to eventually ask the dreaded question all husbands seem to lie about…”Does this make me look fat?” to which I would have to respond in a manner that would deprive me of… well, marital bliss… shall we say. Continue reading Little White Truths