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Paging Doctor Evil, Paging Doctor Evil

My life is full of compliments. I get them all the time. I’m told how good looking I am, or how smart or witty I can be, or how much I care about things that seem so trivial to other people.

It would just be nice to hear it in someone else’s voice other then mine.

Most of the comments I get from other people tend to be stated along the lines of “You’re weird”, or “Do you have to be such a child?” or “Could you please grow up and take things seriously?”

Even though those words are meant as a slight toward me, the people who use them have no idea about who I am or what I have gone through to get to the me that is currently writing this blog. Because, if they did, they would understand that their words are compliments of how successful I have been in accomplishing my goal of just being me. Continue reading Paging Doctor Evil, Paging Doctor Evil