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Veteran’s Day, 2015…

I’m sitting in Panera, looking over my laptop at my wife and the dining area around us. This place is thriving with life as people gather and eat and drink and talk. When we arrived, there was an older gentleman wearing a Korea Veteran hat that was getting into his car, and right now, sitting across from me is another gentleman wearing an Air Force Vet hat. Another man just walked by sporting an Army Vet hat who passed a tall older gentleman in a Navy shirt. Continue reading Veteran’s Day, 2015…


Coming Home

Sara glaringly looked at her watch again. The plane had landed almost 10 minutes ago and her anxiousness was starting to get the better of her. She shook the sign that she held in her hands as the other women and children around her bustled and brimmed with anticipation. It had been the longest 9 months they had ever had together, or rather, apart, and now she stood there in the terminal, waiting.

Hadn’t she waited long enough? Why couldn’t they just let the men off the plane so they could come home? Why couldn’t they just get on with it already? Her hands started ringing the cardboard sign almost tearing the paper that she had worked so hard over the last two weeks to get just right. It had to be just right. For him.

The woman standing next to her reached over and touched her shoulder, startling her out of her thoughts and causing her to jump. “First deployment?” she asked. An inviting smile on her face disarming Sara’s immediate desire to be left alone.

“That obvious?” Sara responded back to this new woman, her hands relaxing a bit on the sign. Continue reading Coming Home