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The Toy Box in the Corner

The toy box sits in the corner of the room these days, neglected, unused, and generally forgotten about. It has been years since the children have even acknowledged the joy that has come at the expense of the toys that are now compacted into those six walls, but I still can’t bring myself to get rid of it.

Memories of jubilant Saturday mornings fill my head, of the children creating stories out of the dolls and Tonka trucks. Little green army men out to save the world being trampled on by a teddy bear that had transformed into “Bearacus the Destroyer”. Puzzle pieces strewn across the floor as they tried to compete to see which one could finish the fastest. Lastly, the numerous unspoken curses I held in as I stepped on countless Lego blocks while cleaning up after them. Continue reading The Toy Box in the Corner

Truth Tactics

My children… the two that are biologically claimable by me… hate that I have this innate ability to get the truth out of them. Oh, sure, they will tell you that I am not always right or that they have been able to lie to me, but just remember, that is from their perspective. From mine, it tends to be more the matter of whether or not I allow them to know that I know, or I feign ignorance to lull them into a false sense of security just to see how far they will go.


I have developed several tactics over the course of my parentage to them and I feel ok sharing this with you because they are both over 18 at this point and, well, they have gotten to the point where their need to lie to me is only outweighed by their realization that it is only detrimental to them in the long run, because, honestly, I’m going to find out anyway. Continue reading Truth Tactics