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My Two…

I have some pretty talented children. I don’t say it enough. Maybe I do. Maybe it just isn’t loud enough for them to hear. Both of them play musical instruments. Pretty well from what I can tell. I’m not musical, so.. my judgement is heavily biased with┬áthe “look at my kid” factor..

They’re not bad-looking either. Ok, that one was totally me (fine.. fine.. mom had a lot to do with that too… ) Continue reading My Two…


Clouds over Stuart

More clouds, originally uploaded by psibrone.

Sometimes it just amazes me how awesome God is. This morning just happened to be one of those moments. Looking out my window while driving to work, I saw the rain clouds rolling in, and this single white cloud near the front. A storm was surely on the way. But the sun wouldn’t be hidden, it just kept shining right through, letting me know that this day was going to be just fine. Kind of the way that Christ shines into our lives. No matter what may happen, what storms may come, His light is always there, shining bright, reminding us that we are not alone. And to me, that is just awesome.