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I Will Be There

When the light is way too bright

     and the darkness is too deep

When the laughter is just a matter

     of hiding the fear you keep

When all the strife that’s in this life

     is enough to make you weep

          Know I’ll be there for you

                   I will be there.

When you’ve done the good that you could

     and it doesn’t seem enough

When you’ve hit the wall after giving your all

     and things just seem too tough

When you’ve got to live with nothing left to give

     and the going gets too rough

          Know I’ll be there for you

                   I will be there.


The Secret Present

Secret Santa, Secret Santa, bring me my gift.

Make it so heavy that it’s hard to lift,

Wrap it in paper, stick it with a bow,secret-santa-gifts

Under the tree is where it should go.

On Christmas day, I’ll grab it up quick,

And tear open the package with just a flick,

Revealing the gift that’s hidden inside,

“Just what I wanted!” knowing I lied.

And just remember this part, don’t forget,

We all agreed on a boundary, preset,

You can’t spend more than the ten-dollar limit,

Ok, fine, spend twenty, just never admit.