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Inside Combat Rescue

Anyone who knows me knows that I like to pick on the Air Force. Granted, it is a good natured ribbing and it is only with those that I personally know who are serving or have served. Even though it is harmless and in good fun, they were the uniform of the United States military and I make sure that they know they have earned my respect and admiration when its all done.

However, there is a group of guys in the Air Force that I have a special place for in my heart. A group that, honestly, if I would have known existed, I would have joined the Air Force just to try to make it through their school.

Who are these guys that would make a die hard Navy300px-United_States_Air_Force_Pararescue_Emblem.svg man want to switch branches? Continue reading Inside Combat Rescue




If you have never served in the military,

You may not understand,

The painful truth of packing your bags,

And leaving for distant lands.

Leaving behind those you cherish and love,

Putting your life on the line everyday,

Seems silly yet overly complicated,

In a country so far away.

And while we sleep in our beds at home,

You sleep on a cot in a hut,

We eat three course meals freshly cooked,

And you hope yours is still hot.

We travel along the highways and byways,

As we head off to work,

Where as you travel in harms way as a job,

Seeking the enemy where they lurk.

To my brothers and sisters in arms,

I pray you stay safe while gone,

Because there are those who just can’t wait

for you to come back home.



R.E.D. Friday


The Cost of Freedom




It’s easy to forget those who are deployed,

It’s easy to forget their sacrifices, untold,

It’s easy to forget the safety that they bring,

It’s easy to forget the cost of freedom’s ring,

It’s easy to forget to because they’re so far away,

It’s easy to forget, til that knocks comes on that day,

It’s easy to forget the families that do weep,

It’s easy to forget, because…

maybe, to you it seems so cheap.


RED Friday