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The question of “what if” plays rampant in my brain

Rolling around unbridled, like an runaway train

Those gone by moments I wish I could change

Just a few of my choices, it would be no big thing

Surrounded by opportunities and chances I missed

Makes me believe that my life could be better than this.

To the left are my regrets, missed chances to the right

Straight ahead a longing for the could have might.

But then who would have done the things that I did,

like married my wife or been the dad to my kids?

Who would have been there in those moments so dear,

When life hung in the balance and death was so near?

Who would have stayed up for all those late night talks,

And who would have gone on those evening walks,

Yes, if I made a choice different, my life would not be mine,

And in spite of all those lost choices, I think I turned out fine.



A Life Without Regret

I had a conversation with a young man this weekend. He is a firefighter, engaged to be married, and owns a pretty awesome car. He expressed to me that he regretted not joining the military when he was younger. (He’s 25, I have to say, I laughed a bit when he said younger.)

I have had a few conversations with people older then me and I often hear them wax on about tales of bravery, or just cool things they have done, and inevitably they always slip in one of those, “but” comments that tell me they are about to recant their previous stories by reminiscing about something they wish they could have done differently.


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