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To the end…

RuckHalfway point on a 5 mile Ruck which includes a very large and long bridge, 30 pounds on our back (except the guy on the left, he had to kick it to 60), on a 90 plus degree August day with the humidity up around a bazillion.

Where’s the endurance in this?

We are all smiling.

At least on the outside.

(even if it’s forced)


GoRuck Update


So, just an update on the GoRuck stuff.

Last Saturday, my brother decided to put together a ruck out. As the photo up-top shows, four of us got together, strapped on our packs, and at just after 3pm we set out for our walk. (seriously, I have no idea why my mouth is all derk-a-der, but.. whatever) Continue reading GoRuck Update