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Spring Break!!!

Spring break is upon my current school district. As of yesterday, my last class for the week was done, so I am free from the confines of class for a whole week! (alliteration… boom!) That means:

NO Homework!! (except for the research paper and poem project, plus studying for a midterm and quiz I have coming up)

NO Class!!! (well, I never really had any class anyway.. so)

NO…  Continue reading Spring Break!!!


How Are You Doing?


I get asked many questions during the day. “What’s up?”, “Can I get you anything else?”, “What would you like?”, “Large or extra-large?”, “Can you please stop bothering me?”, “Why do you have to be so weird?”, “What’s with all the stalking you do?”….

You know.. normal things.

However, in my life, there is one question that beats them all. One question that if I am never Continue reading How Are You Doing?

Just Because You Can…


Too much information.

The act of oversharing and revealing more than we want, should, or have the right to know.

An acronym that has become the foundation of so much head shaking and facepalming the likes of which society has never known.

Add to that technology and you have a recipe for disaster. Just look at any social media platform these days and you will realize the landscape of our lives is nothing more than the internet’s wasteland of wanton full disclosure. Continue reading Just Because You Can…

The Obligatory Gift

This Christmas season has seen an addition added to my life. Not one in the form of physical manifestations, but one more of intellectual acquirement. I would normally say of a thing such as this as, “adding another wrinkle to the old gray matter.” So what is this new fangled thing? A phrase, and one that I truly have yet to grasp the full content of, because the words that create this phrase stand in such diametric opposition to each other as to nullify the result. At least in my head. The phrase is “obligatory gift”. To give you the full meaning of this phrase, I place it into the context of the sentence it was first introduced to me with: “They got me a gift, now I have to go out and get an obligatory gift in return.” Feel free to tilt your head to the side and look at the screen with a stupid expression on your face, I’m sure it would mirror the one that I gave to this person after stating the sentence above. Continue reading The Obligatory Gift