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Just Because You Can…


Too much information.

The act of oversharing and revealing more than we want, should, or have the right to know.

An acronym that has become the foundation of so much head shaking and facepalming the likes of which society has never known.

Add to that technology and you have a recipe for disaster. Just look at any social media platform these days and you will realize the landscape of our lives is nothing more than the internet’s wasteland of wanton full disclosure. Continue reading Just Because You Can…


Social Media Influx

Social Media.

The bane of my existence.

It is like this double edged sword that is wielded against me.

On one side, I post all my blogs on it, hoping to increase my audience, or at least reach them. Maybe one day that will turn into something more, like a published novel or a paying job. (you know, the whole… do something you love, never work again.. thing.)

On the other hand it is an overwhelmed audience you are trying to reach.

For instance… Continue reading Social Media Influx